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Nina & Papa*Ouray, Colorado

I hesitate to write this ON A BLOG, for it is VERY PERSONAL! Then I realized something. SO IS HFIG! You can’t get any more personal than HAVE FAITH IN GOD. That is an individual thing. It belongs in the VERY PERSONAL CATEGORY! As much as I try, I cannot find one instance in the Bible where a Christian went Private, BY MOUTH OR DEED, with His or Her Views

Is not my word like fire, declares the LORD, and like a hammer that breaks a rock in pieces? Jeremiah 23:29

    When all else fails, let it happen. Don’t fight it so much. God can do nothing until you reach the point where you quit trying to do everything. The truth will follow. The truth that states, even if there is no promise of a job, a job will be right around the corner in some form or other. The truth that states, even if one cannot see the light in the darkness, it is there shining brightly above all of those dark clouds. The truth that states, one does not have to look any further than right inside one’s being. The truth that states, you carry it with you where ever you go, for planted within all those folds of doubt, discouragement, disarray and disillusionment,  lies a thing called ‘spiritual fallow ground that you cannot see, cannot hear and cannot feel,’ where God has planted within it something called  FAITH.
    Watch it grow, when the watering can is our questions and the water is the negative force brought about by our inability to see a way out of the dungeon. Faith begins to open up like a Rose, in a Spring Moment of Winter’s Weakness. Like Peter, inside of the Prison, frankly he knew he was a goner, he had reached the point of knowing he was in some kinda big trouble, he had reached his NEGATIVE PEAK,  but he also knew he had met Jesus, HIS POSITIVE PEAK. So he slept. When there is no way out, God makes a way out. His is a Creative Force that was present from the beginning before anything existed here on earth and He works even now in the present. God creates a new way out.  He sent an Angel to Peter.

Act 12:6  Now when Herod was about to bring him out, on that very night, Peter was sleeping between two soldiers, bound with two chains, and sentries before the door were guarding the prison.
Act 12:7  And behold, an angel of the Lord stood next to him, and a light shone in the cell. He struck Peter on the side and woke him, saying, "Get up quickly." And the chains fell off his hands. ct 12:8  And the angel said to him, "Dress yourself and put on your sandals." And he did so. And he said to him, "Wrap your cloak around you and follow me."
Act 12:9  And he went out and followed him. He did not know that what was being done by the angel was real, but thought he was seeing a vision.
Act 12:10  When they had passed the first and the second guard, they came to the iron gate leading into the city. It opened for them of its own accord, and they went out and went along one street, and immediately the angel left him.

That Angelic Being from God’s Throne Room of Grace, made a way for Peter to get out of Prison. 

    We must stop, seeing what we see. We must stop, hearing what we hear. We must always respond to those Spiritual furrows, deep inside the folds of our being where God has planted Faith and say, ‘you know there just might be a way, if I quit looking for it, in all the old ways that I am aware of, and let God do it. We must believe, what we cannot see. We must believe, what we cannot hear. God expects us to draw close in Faith to Him. He responds to Faith so fast is it impossible to believe that He can move that fast. He, my dear ones, is faster than the speed of light. I wrote a song, I love to sing it.


I go beyond space I can bend time
I know the name of every star and where they shine
I give joy like a natural wine
He says I know your name do you know mine.

My power is greater than the greatest might
I move faster than the speed of light
My deep is deeper than the deepest night
He says I know your name do you know mine

We are 3 we are 3
We are the Holy Blessed Trinity
We are 1 we are 1
The Spirit the Father and the Son

Tell him all about your difficulties
Tell him all about your great big needs
Tell him until your burden is bare
Keep on telling him just because he cares

Love goes beyond space
Love can bend time
Love knows the name of every star and where they shine
Love gives joy like a natural wine
He says I know your name do you know mine

My name is Holy Holy alive
My name is Holy Holy revive
My name is Holy Holy Life
My name is Holy Holy delight

Love is greater than the greatest might
Love moves faster than the speed of light
Love is deeper than the deepest night
He says, I know your name do you know mine

I have seen God make a way, for my son to be operated on
when there was no insurance due to a lack of a job. The Indians did it in Tallaquah, Oklahoma at their hospital, because I got his Indian Card, he being part Certified Choctaw. All this when there was no way, to stop his Jaw from growing. But they did. They tied off the Artery that was causing it. Now we is Indian. Some people won’t even claim a part like they are ashamed of it. Say it’s too small a part to be Indian. That is sad indeed. It is still a large part of their heritage. They just simply don’t acknowledge it. They don’t need to, they have a job, they have insurance. THE CHOCTAWS LET YOU CLAIM A PART! WISE TRIBE INDEED! I SAY, “THERE IS NO WAY TO GET INDIAN OUT OF YOUR BLOOD.” We needed to be Certified Indian at the RIGHT TIME. God made a way. There was no way. HFIG
    I have seen this same boy, Rathan make 30 out of 32 on his ACT SCORE and get a 4 year scholarship given to him, and he is now an Electrical Engineer, a tax bearing and paying member of society. He went into the Navy and spent 6 years also. He has 4 kids now and he FAITHS IT. There was no way. HFIG
    I have seen all 4 kids, get a College Degree, One an Industrial Engineer Robert, an Electrical Engineer Rathan, a Video Engineer Ruben, and Rebecca a Chemistry degree. They all did their best, knew they were Loved and struggled through it all. Don and I did the returning student route, graduated with our kids and he got a Math Degree and I got a Science Degree. There was no way. HFIG
    I have seen all 4 of our kids FAITH IT in some manner or other. And it was hard to know how to raise boys not being one. And I am sure I made all kinds of mistakes, while trying to raise kids, but I knew one thing. I loved them, I really loved them. And I knew love does not fail. And they are just your normal run of the mill, kids, unless you ask me, and I believe they’re the best, GOD HAS TO OFFER. THE GRANDKIDS TOO. I THANK GOD TREMENDOUSLY FOR THEM AND THEY HAVE NOT HAD IT EASY, BY ANY MEANS. BUT THEY ALL KNOW GOD LOVES THEM. CAUSE I TELL THEM EVERY CHANCE I GET. And they have experienced His Love, for themselves, also. There was no way. HFIG
    I have seen God give my son Robert back to us when he was 2. He stopped breathing, by drowning and I asked God to help him and also help me help him.  I was so miserable about it happening, because I always thought I was watching him so closely and loved him so very deeply, and I struggled so hard to help him no one else could and I just gave him to God to do as He chose. God wanted me to see for sure that he loved Robert more than I ever could. And I saw it. When I acknowledged that, God sent Robert back to the land of the living. I was pregnant with Rathan at that time so it would have been a triple tragedy. Because of this experience he has always had a special place in our hearts. God is the God of Second Chances, Third Chances, Fourth Chances, you get the picture!!! There was no way. HFIG
    I have seen Ruben not have a place to stay to finish High School and his Sister Rebecca take him in and help him Graduate from Plano High School a highly respected school in Dallas. She became a Surrogate Mother and as a Sister, it was a responsibility that was difficult at best to bear. But she loved her brother. And she was willing to help. There was no way. HFIG
    I have seen God provide houses to live in for years when we had no house, rent free and one of them was a tent my Sister Erma provided and we put it, on Erick’s land in Sand Springs, Oklahoma and lived there for a couple of Months, and then we moved to a stable where Donkey’s use to live in. My twin Brother Erick inherited my folks ole stone house and ran animals in it. It’s a miracle what Clorox can do. Besides when I saw the stable, stone was better than a tent with 4 kids in it and I jumped on it. Erick’s kindliness allowed us to do this. And last but not least one of them was my Blessed Parents, old house in Mannford, wonderful Christian People, when they went to live with my twin brother Stuart who built a house for them next door to him. He truly exemplified the Lord’s admonition, bear one another’s burdens.’ People it takes money for housing. But it didn’t take any in our case. There was no way. HFIG
     I have seen our daughter make straight A’s in High School be a Co-valedictorian at Mannford High School and get a 4 year, Parsons Scholarship to Southeastern State University in Durant. There was no way. HFIG
    I have seen God make a way, to pay our utilities. We simply borrowed a Pell Grant for my husband to go to school on. And we paid our utilities on borrowed money. There was no way.  HFIG
    I have seen my husband change jobs in midstream, become a math teacher and now teaches computers and runs the internet. He loves his new job. There was no way. HFIG
    I have seen myself, have pneumonia due to the Swine Flu and God heal it completely. There was no way. HFIG
    I have seen my gut bust at night in Dallas, Texas, and not know if it could be fixed, it hurt like hell. We drove 4 hours the next morning to an Indian Hospital, it takes you a while to die of a busted gut. But we made it to the Indian Hospital at Ada. They did a superb job, found air where air shouldn’t be, operated and I am alive and well and thankful to all the Indians in Ada, Oklahoma. Give the Indians credit for being there when I needed them, THEN AND NOW!  "BESIDES, MAN, YOU JUST GOTTA LOVE THEM INDIANS, I SAY, THEY BEEN SO GOOD TO ME." There was no way. HFIG
    I have seen deep, forever friends  come along when I was very lonely sitting inside a foreign land. There was no way. HFIG
    I have seen God keep our family together when there has been a myriad of trials, troubles and tribulations to separate us. My husbands love never wavered through thick or thin. He is forgiving to the uttermost degree. But he’s also a Strong Man of Valor and Courage and Commitment and Love. He always has been here to take care of me, even when I was in need of Psychiatric help. He has supported me 200% in all my endeavors. And believe me I am a project kinda woman. A woman that has been troubled and trouble. There was no way. HFIG
    I have seen my Pyschiatric Meds & other stuff get paid for by the IHS, because the Navajo’s honor the Choctaws way of doing business. Now Blue Cross helps me when they can & Medicare does the rest. All the health systems have been good to me & are absolutely wonderful and, ‘A OK.’ There was no way. HFIG
    I have seen Don’s brother Delton(a big Rancher in Mead) give us land to retire on, RIGHT NOW. We only have to get a house. There was no way. HGIG
 The answer to a lot of our dilemma's was to 'quit spending.' That we did. Wore holey jeans, did without, cut back on everything. Ate cheapo. Received commodities. My sister Laverne, gave me Beautiful Clothes that I am still wearing, they won't wear out. And as you can see from all of the above, 'help one another,' is THE BESTEST AND FASTEST WAY TO RELIEF. NO PROUDO'S IN THIS HERE FAMILY. HUMILITY REIGNS!!! There was no way. HFIG
    I Have seen my mother in law, who is now deceased, call me for prayer from Durant, Oklahoma for relief from the pain of cataract surgery she had, all the way to Arkansas, where we had lived, all because of bushes that we planted.

     I will tell you the story. One day we were planting bushes and I got to the last one and was ‘worn out.’ I said, “we’ll go ahead and plant it, and led God water it. LET GOD DO IT!” Well, she was not exactly happy to let it be but she was tired too & said ok. When she phoned me Months later, she reminded me of it. She said “remember the bush,” I said, “yes,” she said, “well it rained that night. GOD WATERED THE BUSH.”
     “OF COURSE HE DID, GOD RESPONDS TO FAITH,” I SAID. She said, that’s why she called because she remembered the bush. So I prayed for her ‘PAIN TO GO AWAY,& IT DID.’ There was no way. HFIG
    I have seen, I have seen. I have seen. It is a never ending source of spiritual strength that I have seen with my Spiritual Eyes, heard with my Spiritual Ears, that God has imparted to my soul. Such a myriad of things, so many stories, that I could enumerate upon, never ending, like finding my two older boys in the Mountains in California when they were elementary age and got lost. The Angels were working overtime that day. I have to stop, but I don’t want to. For I am forever grateful for all God has done for us. When there was no way. God created a way. HFIG
    When there is no way, God makes a way, in the desert! RAIN!
    CAUSE THAT IS EXACTLY WHERE HE WANTS YOU, acknowledging your limitations. HE WANTS YOU IN THE DESERT! He don’t want you taking any credit whatsoever for doing anything. Let God do the raining.
    REMEMBER,‘LET GOD DO IT, HE’S WAITING ON YOU! LIKE MY SONG SINGS, “Holy Delight, Holy Life, Holy Revive, Holy Alive, I AM WHO I AM! God loves u!”
 In the present, I do not worry. I look forward to the future!!!
As a fortune cookie says, "no one can look backward into the future."  I like that. But sometimes regressing is ok. As long as you don't stay there and you realize you don't belong there anymore.

Love Nina
Later more later

Well this is more later:
Now this is probably gonna be the longest blog on record, but this needs to be said, RIGHT HERE.
 ALLS I DID WAS PRAY! THROUGHOUT MY LIFETIME!  THAT'S WHY I'M WRITING THIS. MAYBE IT WILL JAR YOU TO PRAY, IF ANYONE EVER GETS THIS FAR! No I don't look and act like it, but I did it anyway! That's why I turned to HFIG. SO THOUGHT YES, THIS TREATISE ON PRAYER NEEDS TO BE ENTERED, AT THIS TIME.  There is no point in me telling you to HFIG if I don't tell you how it's done.
 Behold, he prayeth.
- Act_9:11
    He puts all our tears in a bottle. Tears bring us to the throne of Grace like nothing else does. A form of prayer, tears always reach the Saviors eyes. He knows when we are overwhelmed, and wants to help us. He is moved by such ‘Soul Touches as Emotions.’ He is moved by our laughter, He knows when we feel good and He wants to continue having us do so. But even in laughter, our hearts are heavy, He knows this. So He takes this heaviness and helps us to see, that yes, it will soon be ok. He never leaves us in a ‘State of Discontent.’ For He is always hearing us, seeing us and touching us. He wants to supply our every need, if we but listen to His way concerning the Supply Chain. He does not want to leave us in a State that will exhibit, ‘He never heard us.’ For we know He heard our sighs, our moans, our pain, our agony and he wishes to answer them for us.  He is the Advocate to the Father for us. The Father knows us through Jesus. For He brings us right into the Holy of Holies where He is sitting and intercedes for each and every one of us.
    Now I pray, standing, sitting, while talking, while listening, while laughing, while crying, while sick, while whole, while moaning, while groaning, while in ‘Agony of Heart,’ all of these ways, I pray.
    I love to pray. I pray for people I do not know, I pray for people, other people ask me to pray for, I pray for people, God tells me to pray for, I pray for the sick, the lonely, the friendless, the moneyless, the sad, the happy, the broken hearted. I pray for all of the attributes any human being can have, and I can pray for whatever God says to. I really do love to pray. I have prayed and never gotten an answer, it seemed. But I believe in the Prayer of Importunity, so I pray and I pray and I pray for the same thing sometimes, and then if I get no response, I let it go. But listen let me tell you, he never lets a prayer go. He is always in the process of seeing to it that it is answered in some form or other. Don’t ever think because you do not see immediate results that he has forgotten about you, for this is not true. He has you written on the Palm of His Hand. That is how close your are to Him, so why would he want to discourage you. He does not.
He wants us to come to Him in Prayer for whatever our needs are, He wants us to come into prayer anytime, anyplace, anywhere. He wants us to come to His Throne of Grace to receive Mercy in our time of need, all the time. We are the needy, folks. Not Him! We cannot out ask Him. It is impossible to do. He’s never ending! He’s sovereign, He’s immutable, He’s Omnipotent, He’s Omniscient, He’s Omnipresent, He has no beginning, no ending, He’s Love!LoverLike Paul says, I know how to live with, I know how to live without. It’s irrelevant which way the ball falls, the Father knows who’s Court the Ball is in. Enjoy what you got, where ever you be!  But please, keep on asking, keep on seeking, keep on knocking, keep on interceding where you are.
He likes company! 

Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine . . . be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus. - Ephesians 3:20-21

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