Saturday, January 15, 2011

Video Dedication!

    This is dedicated to Lisa Goodman Collins, Vicki Lahocky and Wendyl Lee Goodman. Your Dad, Wendyl Lee Goodman loved to sing, we would go visit and sing with him. He played the guitar.

     Just wanted your kids(his grand kids)to know, he had a beautiful voice, was a wonderful Christian and that his Sister Sandra loves Music as much as he did and has written over 200 Songs herself. I love to howl! It is his Heritage, Music! It runs in the Family. Granny loved Music too.

This was where I was going to upload a video, but changed my mind. I just thought since he sang, you all would like to watch a Music Video, by his Sister.
Plus this was far too humorous to keep to ones self. I didn’t realize I had this kind of effect
 I am singing “Pass me not O gentle Savior,”And my back up Singer is none other than Tiva(I think she really loves it too) ps. I realized, I do not have the 'rights' to sing this song, so I cannot upload this video.

To bad/so sad, it is really funny/poignant/but if I ever get the chance I will sing one of my own songs. I do have the right to upload that..............And if I ever see you all in person, I will play Mama's Video for you!

Now for a bit of introspection and opinions:   
    As for why the Lord took him so early, I don’t know the answer to that one, except for the fact that you and all the grand kids turned out to be wonderful Christian people(Loving, Kind, Generous, and Non-judgmental!) “I am impressed!”

     Struggles produce character, not perfection. Not a one of you all, are shallow people.......And I have learned not to ask the Lord why? I only ask him, what do you want me to do next?
He is Sovereign and says, “I shall do all of my good pleasure.”
    Praise the Lord, He is Sovereign, we might make a mess out of things, He never will. Every action He takes is for His reason and frankly He does not owe me an explanation, cause He wants me to Trust Him.
    It’s easy to Trust a man that does exactly what you want him too. It’s hard to Trust a man that does not do what you want Him to do. And anyone who tells you that it ain’t so, you just tell them, 

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