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I was reading the news and there was an article that said, they were thinking about taxing the Internet shopping. I liked to have done a double flip.

Things have gotten so bad that they were thinking of ways to bring in more revenue and the Internet Shopping seemed like a cash cow. Now I have not seen any article on it since but I thought I would put my two cents worth in, before they really got serious about it and pass a law to do it.

They already passed a law that Taxes smokers to the point they have gone to over $5 dollars a pack just to support some of their lack of amenities the public wants. They tax liquor rigidly too. They call these Sin Taxes. That is A OK. People ought not be using these filthy habits right? Well, I always said, no one complains about these Taxes, cause the users ought to be ashamed of them right? Let um pay and pay out the Yahoo, if they want to smoke or drink. Well, I think they went too far on Taxing Sin. But that is just my opinion. One particular people, Sinners, ought not be penalized to give Government more money to Waste. But it went through and nobody yelled about that. But everybody will probably agree, lets go ahead and tax them to the nth degree, so smokers have to leave the Country or go TO THE INDIANS to get a decent price for their Sins. But I knew it would not stop there. GREED IS GREED, EVEN WHEN IT COMES TO TAXES. Let's just Tax people right out of their house and homes.

I figured sooner or later, they would finally get to the point if they Tax, Sin, then wait just a doggone minute, sooner or later; they would be 'Taxing Pleasure,' as well. But alas, they already 'Tax Pleasure ' don't they? Food is 'Pleasurable' and they sure Tax 'A Loaf of Bread,' till it is out of sight, and one has to MAKE homemade bread just to feed oneself and to escape the tentacles of the Tax on 'Eating'. Hey I can't wait till the day, they decide SEX IS BOTH PLEASURABLE AND A SIN and they will Tax you for every piece of pie you get.

Well, it is a Pleasure to shop on the Internet, cause the prices are so cheap. But oh no, The Taxer's haven’t got enough money, so they will figure out a way to outsmart the regular shoppers, and raise the prices on everything that one shops for on the Internet. They get you coming and they get you going. I will not and cannot stand by and not say my piece about Taxation.
People where is the Sin in Shopping on the Internet. When people get tired of paying $4.00 a gallon in gas, they shop on the Internet. It is cheaper and smarter to obtain things that otherwise would be out of their budget. I think people who shop on the Internet are smarter than your average bear, for they have finally found a way to save money. I think the INTERNET IS ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE! THE COMMON PERSON FINALLY HAS A SAY, EVEN IF IT'S ON THE SOCIAL SITES.

But if they put a 'Tax on Shopping, the Internet' the prices of everything will rise to an unreasonable amount and the people who do the Internet will have to charge more for their products. Which is then passed onto us. I really think the people with 'Thinkers,' have finally gone too far, in even 'Thinking,' about this particular Tax. Surely there will be a 'Storm of Protest.'
I don't even like to contemplate what kind of bite that would take out of our pocket books. Find another way to pay for Government Amenities, like Parks, Schools, Politicians Salaries, and Vacations to Vegas for Conferences for people who do not learn a cotton-picking thing. I for one think the 'Thought,' should just go the way of the Antiquities, and not ever be brought up again.
I for one cannot comprehend why anyone would even suggest 'Taxing Internet Shopping,' except for the fact that Stores are not making the money they used to thereby causing a 'Decrease in Taxes,' to be brought in. That is too bad. If the stores reduced the price of things one would not bypass them so readily. I love shopping, but I do not like being robbed.

That is what happened to the housing market. Too many people were becoming Millionaires over the overpriced houses, Real Estate Agents number one, till no one could afford to buy. Now they bawl about the 'fall.' Well, it strikes me that is the only thing that made any sense at all, the 'Fall of the Price of Houses.' People quit buying 'Overpriced Homes' and Walla, the fall.

Well the stores do the same thing. If they don't cut their prices people will not buy and Walla, the fall of the Stores. But the Internet does not Tax so it can give us reasonable prices, thereby insuring us we have a choice. I choose to buy off the Internet.

Love Nina
Later more later

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