Wednesday, December 14, 2011

What Christmas Means To Me

    He that dwelleth in God, and God in him — 1Jo_4:16

    Recently I was trying to tell a friend who had moved away, who had not told me Goodbye, not to worry about it all. For Love never has to say Goodbye. Cause we will always see each someday in Heaven. That Love is stronger than death and I would love him regardless of the issues between us, simply because as a brother in the Lord, I had already forgiven him and simply wanted him to know I love him, his girls and his wife. I’m not sure that I got my point across. It is so hard to explain LOVE.  It is so easy to live the path it takes one down. EVERYDAY IS CHRISTMAS WITH LOVE the Story’s not old.
    God is Love. Jesus is Love. The Holy Spirit is Love. Jesus went about doing good because Jesus loved people. For God so love the World he sent Jesus to help us. We had been living under the Law that demanded an eye for and eye, and a tooth for a tooth, fear based, and here comes Jesus on the scene bringing Love from HEAVEN, to explain the kind of love they lived in his home. There he was taught what Love looks like in Action. At 33 he wanted the World to know this kind of Love. The Kind of Love he walked and had his being in, which was God himself.
    The Golden Rule to Love our neighbor as our self, is an out cropping of the Love he knew God was. They 3, not only were Love, they did not only talk about Love, they acted upon it’s attributes.
     Now no one can act like, they love their neighbor, without the Holy Spirit influencing us to do so.Now the two representatives on Earth can point us to a God who not only acts like love but is LOVE HIMSELF. YES HE IS EVERYWHERE, NO TEMPLE CAN CONTAIN HIM, NO RELIGION CAN DEFINE HIM!
    One cannot fake Love, that is why Jesus was so controversial. He turned the world upside down with his teachings. And anyone that met Jesus was never the same. Jesus could read them inside and  out. He knew what they were thinking by the questions they were asking. They constantly tried to trick him, but no one was ever capable of doing so. He just walked away from the midst of his enemies. He knew he was going to the cross, for that was what he was sent down here to do. He knew alls people needed a savior. He knew he was it. HE DID NOT VEER FROM HIS CROSS. And neither should you. Look what they did to your Master, they’ll do worse to you. “If they did this to a green tree, what do you think the fate of a dry one will be?” You answer that question the next time you are growling about how people treat you. You should not be surprised, but true to Love’s form. LET IT BE, SO.
Love is a healer people/Love is a provider/Love is our righteousness/Love is our peace. Don’t you get the message. Start with your home, for a piece of Heaven on Earth. Let Jesus reign supreme with people who are closest to you. Go the extra mile. DO THINGS not because you were made to, but because you want to. Volunteer for tasks no one else wants to do. This is Love in Action to your Father, Mother, Sister and Brother. One person can bring Love into a Home, a Town, a Country! LOVE WILL NOT FAIL.
     People IF you want God in your life He will come to you. He said, “when you seek me with all your heart then you will find me”
He won’t turn anyone down. But he does not want no second-hand Love.
He wants to be first. He is easy to find. You walk in him, you have your being in him......
Please do not miss the one who really LOVES YOU!

Remember what the Angels sang Christmas Morn, GOD IN US!
I’ve been given the Best Gift by God himself.
All the rest of them are “Icing on the Cake.
Love nina
later more later

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