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Are they not all ministering spirits, sent forth to minister for them who shall be heirs of salvation?- Heb_1:14      
Every believer is surrounded by an innumerable amount of Angels. They minister to us. May each one of you come in contact with them, today or tomorrow or better yet when you need them in your life.
    In whatever capacity we need, we can feel them, whenever we need them. Sometimes I think they help us even when we don’t understand the need of them. They just appear and help us out of a bad situation and go their way.   

One day I was driving home, and we lived on a rather hilly highway.  There was a car stopped in the valley of the hill. I had two choices. I could crash the car, or I could try to pass at full blast which is what I chose.  I looked first at the people in my car. My Mother was one of then and my kids also. These precious ones God had put under my care. AND I HAD BLOWN IT. I WAS SPEEDING BECAUSE IT WAS RAINING, TRYING TO GET HOME  FAST.  Now understand I would never try to pass on this hill-hail-sleet-snow OR rain, cause it was a blind one, you could not see what was on the other side.    In the middle of my passing, trying to stop an obvious wreck, here came a car over the hill. I KNEW I HAD TO PICK UP SPEED SO, I picked up speed and barely missed that car. We would all have died hitting at that speed, I am certain of that. God did not want that happening, right then. I was sure shaking, when we got safe. Guess It was Adrenalin shock. But I really feel I heard A SWISHING AND A WINNOWING OF  ANGELS WINGS who were sent to us boldly, sent to us for sure, to protect us from dashing our family's foot against a stone. It was so close only an Angel or company thereof could have rescued us at the moment in time. NOW I SAY, NOT ALL WRECKS NEED AN ANGEL OR COMPANY OF ANGELS, BUT  IF YOU CONSIDER AN ANGEL AS SOMEONE WHO IS JOHNNY ON THE SPOT TO HELP YOU, THEN THAT QUALIFIES A WHOLE LOT OF  PEOPLE, POLICE, EMT'S, FIRST RESPONDERS. FIREMEN,WHO ARE TAKING ORDERS FROM GOD AND DON'T KNOW IT. AND IF YOU JUST CONSIDER ANGELS AS BEING UNAWARES THEN THEY CAN HELP YOU AND YOU DON'T KNOW IT IS HAPPENING....ANGELS ARE  SPIRIT BEINGS WITHOUT FORM, UNLESS THEY TAKE  FORM.

JUST CAUSE WE CAN'T SEE HORSES OF FIRE AND CHARIOTS OF FIRE, DOES NOT MEAN THEY DON'T EXIST, ELIJAH AND ELISHA CAN ATTEST TO THERE EXISTENCE. HE CALLED THEM THE HORSEMEN OF ISRAEL. Elijah  told Elisha, if he sees the Angels come and take him away, Elisha would receive a double portion of ELIJAH'S SPIRIT.  Elisha saw him leaving Israel and he got a double portion of Elijah's Spirit.  Because of that, I asked for a Triple dose, well I did not want to be greedy.

I don’t see a hill, that I am not reminded of the day the Angels visited us in an unseen manner. 

Be not forgetful to entertain Strangers, for thereby some have entertained Angels Unawares! Strangers is the KEY, Unawares means we will not always know it. Some will. The other KEY is Angels report Directly to God. Be careful how you entertain Strangers. This was when she first moved to Arizona and was quite depressed about it all. My friend says two Navajo Angels came to visit her and she let them eat soup in the kitchen as it was snowing and she gave Grandpa a coat cause he needed one. She said, she told them bye, it was still snowing and a few minutes later she went outside to watch them off. There was footsteps on the porch, to the yard , and all of a sudden, a few feet out in the yard, they stopped. It was Navajo Angels, a boy and his grandpa.

I think it is too wonderful to ENTERTAIN ANGELS, but I think you gotta need um for some specific need. Like if your lonely and they come to help you make it through the day. BY THE SAME TOKEN, NOT EVERYBODY WHO IS LONELY GETS A VISIT FROM AN ANGEL. I DO NOT KNOW WHY. We'll I take that back, I do  know why!!! God did not tell them to do it !!!!
If I ever did entertain an Angel, I did not know it.But I’d think you’d  know it
Abram knew it, Jacob knew it. Daniel knew it. Mary knew it , Paul knew it. 
Lots of people do not know it, they are dealing with the unawares, just like I was. 
But there is no doubt about their existence. Many people can attest to their touch of an Angels hand. They have no form but can take the form of a man, a woman, a child, an animal, an in-animate-Object. They can sing, etc. Just ask, you will get a convo started, and you just might find them a  touch different than regular people.

I wrote a Song about Angels, I have written over            200      And          Pappy              Liked this one best of all.   Pappy was my Father(RIP) The lst few verses go

I ain’t never seen me no little bitty Angel, I ain’t never seen me no Angel Band.
I ain’t never seen me no Great Big Angel, but I got an Angel that ‘s  Holding  my hand...
Angels are watching watching o’re m e , Angels are watching o’re my land
Angsels are watching watching o’re me , Angels are watching me sing to the Lamb
Angels can only sing the song of   I AM, I can only sing the Song of the Lamb
Angels can only sing the song of   I AM, I can only sing the Song of the Lamb
Angels can only sing the song of   I AM, I can only sing the Song the song  of the Lamb
That just about sums it up when it comes to Me......

TO CATCH YOU UP, Granny(RIP), HAD HER FAVORITE SONG IT WAS 'lOVE IS A SONG!' it also is one I wrote music for on the piano so I could play and she could sing.
Love is a song Oh hear it’s voice
As music plays Love’s not a choice
 It’s neither right Nor ever wrong
Love simply says You belong

It’s never rich Nor ever poor
Love simply knows There’s always more
It can’t be bought Nor ever paid
Love simply is Going God’s Way       

I sing a song I hear a voice
As music plays Love’s not a choice
It’s neither far Nor ever near
Love simply says Goodby to fear

It’s never win Nor ever lose
Love simply knows What just what to do
It can’t be lost Nor ever fade
Love simply is Going God’s Way

God sang a song His Son’s the Voice
It’s Jesus Christ  He is your Choice
As Angels play God’s Song today
Love simply is Going God’s Way
Love simply is Going God’s Way
Love simply is Jesus is The Way

My Brother Erick Goodman is a preacher and he brought  me a CD. Granny loved to cook for everyone. My favorite song on it is,
Come Home, Come Home it's Supper Time. I like the words that say, by granny, Come home, there is a banquet on God's Celestial Shores.I think she is saying, their is a right time to come home.
Trust God, he will lead you, THROUGH IT ALL, you must follow! Don't ever tell God  no! HE CAN SEE THE FUTURE! He may surprise you !

Love Nina
Later More Later

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