Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Sword of the Lord and of Gideon--Jdg 7:20

   Here is an example of God working with man to produce his eternal business. No where  in the Bible is it so evident that it takes both God and Man to deal with the business of the Kingdom.

    To feel, we can come in our name only, is presumptuous upon a God, that does require us to be humble in our approach to God, and humble toward a man, to whom we witness. Humility towards God, to even allow us to do his witnessing, of what He has done for us in our lives, and toward man, who is moved to tears, when he or she comes upon a truly humble person, who is willing to do as God bids. This is ascertained by the fact that God culled the men down to a mere 300 men who lapped, simply because he did not want Israel smarting off about it, being all their own effort that sustained them. God don't divide His Glory, His Honor or anything. He is Primo Uno. He sure don't divide his Honor with a wooden belly, cow, sand flea, etc. if you get my drift. They can't send 20,000 ministering Spirits to God's Chosen Ones. But He can, NOW THAT IS POWER!..........When we mention God’s Name, there is something Holy that is happening in the here and now. People stand up and take notice. Because HE IS DIFFERENT, HE'S BEEN HERE FROM THE BEGINNING, IS PRESENT, AND KNOWS THE FUTURE. HE DEFINITELY IS DIFFERENT. Wow, like maybe we should listen, when he or she talks. I BELIEVE IN THE SPIRIT OF PROPHESY. Even if it is just, "which fast food restaurant do you want to go to?"

    We should never attempt to take on witnessing without first being willing to shine our lights before mankind, SUCH AS, HOLD OUR TORCHES HIGH, BE SPIRIT LED. Only as we are good toward God and man, can those in the dark, have an example to follow for themselves. As Gideon told his people, take a pitcher, put a light into it, and when he calls, BY BLOWING THE TRUMPET, he and the other  men with him, then HIS  WORKING FORCES are to break the pitcher, and hollow, the Sword of the Lord and Gideon.  THEY WERE TO CARRY THEIR TORCHES IN THEIR LEFT HAND AND THEIR TRUMPET IN THEIR RIGHT. As you can see, in trying to give us an example to follow, he truly wanted us to shine like little stars. WE MUST GO IN LIGHT(TORCHES) WITH THE SPIRIT OF PROPHESY(THE TRUMPET)We must always be willing to show ourselves faithful to God by WALKING IN THE SPIRIT(WALKING IN THE LIGHT-we know where to go, and what to do)

    This is a way to bring light into darkness. We must be willing to go. Now if one cannot see that an area is truly dark to the light of the gospel, we won’t go. But that is not the case and never has been. There is no lighted believer that cannot see into the Spirit World. We all can start where we are. When we see a dark city as Gideon did, then we are admonished to bring light into it’s folds. We indeed have been given authority to baptize believers where ever we find them that want to be baptized. /you don’t need a degree from a seminary/we need to believe what God said, the Great Commission, “GO INTO ALL THE WORLD, BAPTIZING THEM IN THE NAME OF THE FATHER, THE SON, AND THE HOLY SPIRIT, TEACHING THEM TO OBSERVE ALL THINGS, WHATSOEVER I HAVE COMMANDED YOU! AND LO I AM WITH YOU ALWAYS, EVEN UNTIL THE END OF THE AGE”(And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age. - Matthew 28:20

    SONS', IT MEANS YOU! DAUGHTERS' IT MEANS YOU.  Don’t think that God is going to do it all by himself. Gideon teaches you this. Don’t think that you can do this all by yourself. Gideon teaches you this. Alls it takes is a willing heart. God will provide the humility. God will provide the food, clothes, houses, cars. He’ll even give you a strong mind with Godly Wisdom that no one can withstand.

    In fact, when you put God first, He has promised you houses here on earth. He says, when we give up our life for Him, He gives and gives and gives to us. But first the corn seed has got to fall into the ground, it is a soft landing people. He is the ground, you are the corn. So how do you think you could possibly fail. You can’t. He won’t let you. Fall into the Heavenly Father's hands, let him deal with the results. GET YOUR SWORD(WORD OF GOD) AND GO WITH GOD’S SWORD. BRING DIVISION, LET GOD DO THE MULTIPLYING. God didn’t come to bring Peace, but a Sword-Division. The word of God is powerful, a two-edged sword, capable of dividing asunder the spirit, the soul and the body. The soul consists of the Spirit and the Soul, the physical is the body. God came to save the Souls. It’s left up to him to translate the body  into Heaven. A Great Mystery that is. HEAVEN IS HIS BUSINESS NOT OURS.

    If you have the light, you’ll see the dark rather sharply. In fact, you'll be able to see through the dark as if it were light. There is a reason God says, we can look into the Spirit World, it is a gift from God. Yes, I've seen it. Maybe someday, He'll provide a use for that knowledge.You’ve got to begin with Souls in the dark, oh yes, you'll know they are in the dark. You’ve got to begin there. Talk it over with God, see what He has to say before you step out and fwd. Don't get ahead of Him. Make 100% sure you are witnessing to the right ones.

He don’t need anybody’s Money, he owns all the cattle on the hillsides. He needs plain and simple,
more souls to praise him.
If you got the light, SHARE IT...LET’S GIVE GOD WHAT GOD WANTS.

later nina
more later

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