Thursday, September 8, 2011

Stretched Thin

       Every time there is a Natural Disaster, of some sort, it appears we are already stretched thin on resources, manpower and money. Lately we have had Tornadoes, Hurricanes, Fires, Flood's, Earthquakes, Power Outages, the sky is falling Chicken Little, kinda legacy NASA left us with, and last but not least, Terrorism. The three last ones not being  Natural Disasters, but man made ones. These we can and will deal with. But however the problem comes, it certainly requires, people thinking out of the box, to solve  it. Forget Fear,  that does not fit into any equation we own. Certainly FORGETTING FEAR, is a POSITIVE PROBLEM(IF YOU CAN CONSIDER THERE TO BE SUCH AN ANIMAL), the negatives have never even thought of! YES, FORGET FEAR! START THERE! CLIMB ONTO A POSITIVE MOUNTAIN, WHERE THE EAGLE TALKS, WOE WOE WOE, LET'S HOPE THE  LAST THREE ANGELS DON'T BLOW THEIR TRUMPET. Of, course we've read the back of book. We know they do.....What's this got to do with deficients?  Well when you take 1/3 away from things, Seas, Rivers, Moons, etc, I figure God understands deficiencies.

Don't have a lot to do with what I am talking about but for some reason it seemed to fit right in. Writers, tend to go back, now and forward. Yes, I like writers, especially John of Patmos. No, I'm not off base, I'm just not where I want to be, on base. What I have discovered, is, when I keep adding and adding stuff to the present Blog, it is time to get another Blog going. I think I am going back to DD Time.  Today's was a wackmaster.

Back to this Blog......

       It really taxes a Country that is already overburdened with all kinds of problems. None of them appear to have an answer, most of the answers are frivolous ones that are not really capable of being a long term answer to a short term problem.

    We have a Deficiency in our Budget, and it keeps on getting bigger and bigger. Like I said, everybody wants an immediate answer one that usually covers the real problem that got us there in the first place.

    My question is not ‘WHY SUCH A DEFICIENT?”  How dare we?


    THAT IS EXACTLY WHERE I WOULD START. The bigger Deficient is harder to solve but so what. We are in the problem solving business.  And it would really be a feather in our cap, if we gave everybody money who needed it, whether they deserved it or not, so they could continue to function as viable people in a viable government. OTHER WISE WE WILL MEET UP WITH THEM SOMEWHERE DOWN THE LINE.. WHY HESITATE....Why should some of our people have to hit the ‘street, no job, no house, no money,’ and then we help them. Why not help them where they are at.

    Now this will not make people happy, who were not happy anyway, but it will help the common man, for whom government is for, and whom we serve. Let’s serve them will the proper attitude.

    After all, people, who are flooding need help, right then.
    People who are in a fire need help, right then.
    People who are in a mudslide need help, right then.
People who are in a Tornado need help, right then.
    People who are in a Hurricane need help, right then.
    People who are in a Earthquake need help, right then 
People who are in a Power Outage need help, right then.
    Do you get the point here.

    People who have no job need help, right then, not 3 years later.
    People who have no money need help, right then, not 4 years later
    People who have atrocious health bills, need help, right then, not 5 years later.
    People who have lost everything, need help, right then, not a lecture 6 years later
    People who have lost their homes, need help, right then, not 7 years later, a new home.
    People need friends, right then, not 8 years later. 
    Treat people with respect that have a need, not when they are cleaned up.

    I just know, we have sure had our share of disasters, wouldn’t you agree? Now why, do you think this is so? Well, I am sure everybody has there very own reason, as to why it is happening. I certainly do!

    But you really do not care that I care. It is not appropriate for me to garner advise as to why your suffering in your very own way. Yes, I say suffering, cause most people to whom all of this has happened to, do not act happy about it all. So I will say they are suffering.

    So we do not need a government telling us too, ‘BATTEN DOWN THE HATCHES.’


    Now I am surely not going to be popular with the ‘Government.’

    For they do not like anybody that has an answer to their horrid problems of Deficient’s.

I just got this to say. If we’re down 4 Trillion, why not be down 12 Trillion.

You've heard the old adage, 'I clean up pretty good....'
I will reiterate, treat people with respect that have a need, not when they are cleaned up.

Give it to the people, give some to everybody, give some to the singles and families. I don't know a family with growing kids, that could not use some extra cash. I'm talking big time cash. I am a populist. They will really be happy for a change. They will spend and we won’t have a depression or recession or a down right slowing down period, and we sure won't have, a loss of a good attitude, from our Foreign Friends. They will be happy we are spending. We will generate jobs, and ideas will flow from happy people, how to get houses and health care, etc. I am not a socialist. I am of the Helper Party. Let's help our people....Government included.

Don’t penalize people because our leaders didn’t know how to govern.

We’re the people. We didn’t do it...........

nina later
more later

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