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             Man, I am gonna start with a praise, I may not end that way, but at the very least I will get your attention. When I was growing up, those initials, were like, WOW, to me. If something was said, it was backed by the USDA very well, I was the first to get in line to get it. USDA meat. After all, I just wanted the best. I will Veer off and interject this personal note. Speaking of the best, the USDA has, it is my BFF here in MF, Peggy Lee Bender. She works in Animal Control, for USDA and is a Wildlife Specialist for the Navajo Nation. I just wanted her to know that I care about her personally, and that I do not have 'Knock Peggy Tendencies.' This article has nothing to do with her what so ever. I am a writer therefore I write. She is the hardest worker, and the most conscientious person that  I know. Very intelligent! She really should be full time. E'en though I would see her less.She does an excellent job at whatever she puts her hands to. And I love her very much! But I still advocate they need shook up a bit and put her on full time. But they did not ask me! That said, therefore, I move on toward this article!

    Now, I will retrogress back to Feb-August 4th, 2011. That is when it all was happening. What was happening you ask? Well, people getting sick on a product, and it is really easy to go for one or the other, e coli or, salmonella, the symptoms are basically the same. Cepting the e-coli goes for ground round and the salmonella heads toward the Poultry Bin. But they both do about the same damage, I might add, usually to your kidney’s, and then bingo, death. Only thing is Dr Blair, one of my Science Professors at Tulsa University told us, he had it once(Salmonella that is), and if you ever got it, ‘why you’d wish you were dead.” It was that bad. I didn’t need to get it, he made a believer out of me. But here the ole culprit was showing up in America, wrecking havoc all over the States.

    I just have one little, tiny, problem with the USDA now. Why did it take you from July 19th where you suspected, the Turkey coming from Cargill meat plant in Springdale, Ark., was making these people sick. YOU SAY, “ they were unable to issue a recall because they simply did not have enough information. AND YOU HAD TO DO A TRACEBACK.”

How sick do you gotta be, for someone to take notice. There is never any hard rock evidence, that is going to come knocking on your door and tell you “well, here we go again.  Food Poisoning did it, in the library with the hammer! You can’t seem to get a handle on this. You don’t seem to be going anywhere WITH THIS SALMONELLA and 3,000 people die a year and it HARDLY EVER VARIES. You should be having a better Success rate than to have a repetition of the same ole same ole, food poisoning, year after year. You better get you a new graph and figure out where you’ve gone wrong. Food Poisoning is Food Poisoning. Why wait till half of America goes ahead and buys the Turkey Burgers and consumes them, to tell them, why we suspected this two weeks ago, but we had to confirm and confirm and confirm with this paper and that paper and this paper. In the meantime, people are getting a hold of something that makes them feel like they want to be dead.

    Now I say all that, to say this. If you people in the USDA, who did this to the unsuspecting American people, were all locked into a room with a man or woman, that I JUST SUSPECTED, might be a murderer, I bet you’d want me to tell you what I suspect, wouldn’t you? Forget waiting on the Warden to send ME their papers to me to confirm, yup, HE REALLY DOES LIKE TO KILL PEOPLE. What if I waited, like you all did, and he really was a murderer and did you all in BECAUSE YOU WERE AVAILABLE, would you get the message then.

    Kids love Turkey Burgers, and they are ‘HEALTHY EATING,’ RIGHT?  Think how many kids ate them Turkey Burgers. I am thankful they have a bounce back attitude.
    You need to revamp your meetings to include some common sense, once in awhile. Now if what you were doing was changing the statistics on Food Poisoning, I’d say, Ok, I’m a DORK, and I owe you an apology. But you ain’t changing statistics according to Note # 1. I bet if my Sons(Of course, they are very helpful people!)got a hold of them Statistics they’d show you a chart that would boggle your minds. If your willing to listen that is. Well, you’ve definitely shown by this last action that you are in the ‘need help business.’

Take Note # 1: 
the federal health officials say they’ve made virtually no progress against it.
The CDC estimates that 50 million Americans each year get sick from food poisoning, including about 3,000 who die. Salmonella causes most of these cases, and federal health officials say they've made virtually no progress against it.

    No Results, wow, you’d be fired out in the real world.

    But I only have one last thing to say. YOUR INTO EVERYTHING, FOOD, DRUGS, ANIMALS, ETC. I hope your success ratio is better in these avenues. But I get this gut feeling they could probably use a little shaking up also. Air out the mattress, kinda thing!

    You’re a failure as an institution.

    I will listen to those people after July 19, who got this cruddy stuff, for they have a right to bawl. It hurts like Hell, IF YOU HAD STOOD UP FOR THEM AND TOSSED THE PAPER WORK TO THE WIND, I AT LEAST WOULD HAVE RESPECTED YOU. IF YOU NEED MORE PEOPLE, THEN SQUEAL LIKE A PIG. I DON’T HEAR NO PIGS SQUEALING even when you were dealing with the children’s ‘tylenol  issue.’ No pigs squealing! All you said was, 'we was short of people.'

    But I can say, emphatically, Pepto Bismol helps. Gas is a killer! I am pretty sure, the kidney is telling the lung to tell the heart to tell the head, ah, ‘it only hurts for a little while,’ especially while everything is bloated. THE TRUTH IS THE HEADS THE HEALER.

    My personal opinion, nah, this ain’t it. This is it, “my personal opinion is” THE USDA IS BLOATED IN THE HEAD, and it needs SOME ONE TO TELL IT THE TRUTH. IT NEEDS TO HEAL ITSELF.

    Go tell the Turkey Processor(that you Suspicioned in the first place), that Nina says, “they ain’t getting off so easy either,” for surely they got a ‘funny feeling’ while this all was going around, when it first started. They should have stood up and been counted as a possible culprit. People got a long memory. Don’t ever be guilty of putting Money above Health, ever again. I realize you had to recall 36 million lbs worth of Turkey and that was shall we say a ‘BITE OUT OF ONES PROFIT. But health is health! And one can’t put a dollar value on that, can one?

    After all, I love Turkey! And sounds like from the amount of the recall, so does America. I’m just glad this didn’t happen around Thanksgiving. Can you imagine almost everybody in America getting sick.
Now you talk about a bitch. There ain’t nothing as bad as making America angry.
One angry bitch!
Nah, I don’t think it’s ever happened. We’re a classy nation, PTL

ps my hubby says, it ain’t possible. People at Thanksgiving eat “WHOLE TURKEYS NOT GROUND ONES.” I THINK HE MISSED THE POINT OF THIS RANT, DON’T YOU?

Just a few notes I thought important:

Take Note # 2 :
All of the packages recalled include the code "Est. P-963," according to Cargill, though packages were labeled under many different brands. Many of the recalled meats are under the label Honeysuckle White. Other brands include Riverside Ground Turkey; Natural Lean Ground Turkey; Fit & Active Lean Ground Turkey; Spartan Ground Turkey and Shady Brook Farms Ground Turkey Burgers. The recall also includes ground turkey products packaged under the HEB; Safeway; Kroger; Randall's; Tom Thumb and Giant Eagle grocery store brands.
The recall also includes some ground turkey that isn't labeled at all and some that went to food service establishments, according to Cargill.

Take Note # 3 :
Dr. Chris Braden, director of the division of Foodborne, Waterborne, and Environmental Diseases at the CDC said out of the 78 people that have been sickened, 22 people, or 38 percent have been hospitalized, which are higher numbers than normal.

“We are working to explore why this may be,” Braden said. “We know the strain is resistant to several antibiotics, which may increase hospitalization and failure of treatment.”

Braden said the good news is that this strain, known as Salmonella Heidelberg, does respond to several other commonly used antibiotics such as Cipro and Bactrim.

Take Note # 4 :
Government officials say that even contaminated ground turkey is safe to eat if it is cooked to 165 degrees. But it's also important that raw meat be handled properly before it is cooked and people wash their hands with soap for at least 20 seconds before and after handling the meat. Turkey and other meats should also be properly refrigerated or frozen and leftovers heated.

The most common symptoms of salmonella are diarrhea, abdominal cramps and fever within eight to 72 hours of eating a contaminated product. It can be life-threatening to people with weakened immune systems.

"It is regrettable that people may have become ill from eating one of our ground turkey products," said Willardsen -- "and, for anyone who did, we are truly sorry." I believe him, don’t you?

Read more: the associated press contributed all the numbered quotes above. 1,2,3 & 4. 

love nina
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