Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Now that we covered accidents, I thought I just might broach the subject of Sickness’s. No one wants an accident and no one wants to be sick. But alas, it happens to the best of us, both of them. But sickness is in a category all by itself, for it has a much longer stay, than an accident which is short lived. A Sickness will come in, welcome itself, make itself at home, and just look at you, like, ‘what’s your problem,” this won’t take long, why resist, it’s gonna happen anyway.

Now no one likes to be sick. My particular problem at this moment is Bronchitis, which will not let go. It’s as if, it is saying, I think I’ll just stick around awhile, might even spend the night, like a friend or relative.

But alas, we know, it’s no friend, and even the worse of my relatives, is mild compared to this dude. That does make me appreciate all my relatives more, for sure. And friends also.

Some how or other, in all my travels this summer, I picked this frienenemy up. I should have known better, but it looks rather strange to wear a mask to visit all your families. Especially when there ain’t no Swine Flu Pandemic going around. That seems to have went to sleep to wake up at a later date and bug us no end.

But this mess, is horrible. This is as close to horrible as I can get. It almost went into pneumonia by laying it’s murky head on my lap, but my husband’s been pouring Chicken Broth down me, Our Daughter who is a Chemical Engineer has been advising him, on all the ways, she treats her children and husband when they are sick. She has done lots of studies on foods and is an excellent cook, giving only the best vitamins and minerals from the veggies themselves. She says chicken bones is a natural mucus thinner, and the broth itself is very healing for a sick one. I Also drink Gatorade, Tea with Honey and Water Galore, plus I stick in a Diet Coke and Coffee, whenever I can find alone and downtime. This is all to help loosen the phlegm

Now before you say go to Dr, I have gone to two of them. They just said, finish all the antibiotic or it will get pneumonic plague like. And take Mussinex that thinner of mucus. Breather too, twice a day. The last Doc even said, "I was beyond herbs?" Ooh that sounds bad. But what does that mean, even cinnamon rolls won't do me any good, or garlic either for that matter. I think they will, but who am I, anyway.....Sometimes I wonder about bedside manners, that actually upset me. I never heard of anybody in this world being 'beyond herbs.' That was downright tacky of her. I guess she didn't realize I'm a writer and you got to be careful what you say to me. Cause I got to get it out of my system.

But low and behold it’s still, hanging on. This is another case of ‘WHAT DID I DO TO DESERVE THIS’ routine. Where did God go?

    Well, I guess we all get sick, sometimes, and we all say, ‘WHERE DID GOD GO?’ HE’S THE HEALER OF ALL THINGS.

Or maybe you don’t do this. Well, I can’t hit the nail on the head, 100%of the time, can I? I like to think I can, if I am slow about it I can. But if I got any slower I ‘d be backing up, everybody tells me.

Anyway, the Lord says, ‘humble yourself before the Lord, and He will lift you up. James 4:8.

Well, 3 falls are pretty humbling, plus a sickness to boot, doubly so, for it lasts quite the length of days, so I figure I am pretty humble. I guess I have to learn to wait on the Lord!

Be still before the Lord and wait patiently for him......Psalm 37:7A
Better a patient man than a warrior, a man who controls his temper than one who takes a city.
So as you can see, PATIENCE IS THE IN, WORD. You gotta give the Lord time to answer prayers. Yes he can do it instantly, but more than likely, he does not like us, telling him how to answer prayers. He gives what is right.



YOU SEE I CAN CHOOSE A CHEERFUL HEART, AND A CHEERFUL HEART I WILL CHOOSE, THAT MEANS I AM CONTINUALLY FEASTING AT THE TABLE OF THE LORD, LIKE MEPHIBOSHETH(The lame son of  Jonathon-eating at King David’s table for his whole lifetime-because King David had made a covenant with his best friend.

So show no pity to me, because I am I have fallen 3 times, or am Sick, PRAYERS, YES, but pity no. And I really do not like tears. I like Silver drops of Golden Deeds. Lay them deeds on people. They'll love you for it. That’s a song I wrote. I Love it.Course I realize, sometimes tears fall and one can't stop them. Don't even try. Let it happen and get it over with. You'll feel better because of it. Cleans the System! Blows out the Pipes! Let's people know your TOUCHED IN YOUR SOUL.

Now back to Why am I sick? I do not know that answer. But I don’t need to know. I am responsible for what I do know, not for what I do not know.

Now I am not saying that I am not responsible for what I do. For if I know to do good and do not do it, that is Sin and I am held accountable for that. That is the Sin of Omission. Not the Sin of Commission. But our Lord does hold us accountable for both of these. Unless we go have, 'a little talk with Jesus,' once we recognize this is in our life. Life ain't fair, BUT HE'S ALWAYS FAIR!!!

Love Nina
Later more later


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