Thursday, August 19, 2010


Nina Levins

 There cometh a woman of Samaria to draw water— Joh_4:7

    The casual contact, not a planned one, just one found upon the road of life. In this instance Christ met a woman at the well. It became a life changing experience for her, and I am sure He was met with much to give to her. She found there was something different about this man, the fact, that He even spoke to her, was a testimony in and of itself.

For Jews did not socialize with Samaritans at all, and the fact that she was a woman and He took time to witness to her, was a great indictment against all the people of his time, who considered women to be second rate property of their men.

Yet here He was, He actually talked to her in a simple encounter. And it showed the mercy of God and the Love of God to one who really needed it.

    Now I have met people, in simple encounters along the way, at rest stops and malls and grocery stores and resorts and some have even written me notes about the encounters later. One lady at a resort, said, she was so impressed with having met me. She was truly smitten by my personality, one I hope was emanating my Lord. For I wanted to show there is something different about a Christian and how they view life, she could tell I was a Christian by the way I talked.

     I even had a lady who was in lockup for depression, she was my roommate and one night when I went out to visit with my husband, who had come for a visit with me, we left and I came back home, after the visit, and found her curled up under the lavatory on top of my bunny suit. I asked her what she was doing and she said she missed me, so she found something, I wore all the time to lay down on, to comfort her while I was gone.

             Now this is the way, I think all Christians should be emanating Christ in their lives. Now mostly, in all these women's lives, I just shared my kids and grand kids and  my life with them both and they were so thrilled to hear someone be so honest and down to earth about their life. They really appreciated this kind of thing.
    I tell you, this to say, we never know where we are going to be, or what kind of influence we have on others. It was a total surprise to me that these women, both were profoundly moved by having met me.

    So I can imagine what profound effect Jesus had on the Samaritan woman at the well. He was able to affect others, with His charged personality, and His differentness and his Power and He had a life changing affect on all He met. This is what I feel God wants us to emulate.

    Now I realize, we dress up, to be our ‘best.’ These meetings are planned and not so spontaneous. But when we are just ourselves, amongst the daily grind of things, I do believe we can affect peoples lives, if we do not put them off and try to say, I am too busy, I am on my way to something important. Like the ‘good Samaritan’ that took time to help the wounded and bleeding man on the street, that may very well be our moment, God planned for us to ‘go about doing good.’

We, too many times, over look the common where we should minister, to go to the finery, and dress up, of where we should not be ministering. No wonder, we do not get the results God intended for us to have. We are looking for the wrong thing. We need to remember the woman nobody would talk to and love. She had 5 husbands and even the one she lived with was not her husband, yet God did not condemn, through Jesus. He sent Jesus on this mundane trip to Witness to her about the Real Love she was seeking. God told her things about herself, she knew it was God, she met.

We should take time, to talk to them and take time to love them and take time for all of them, the weak, the downtrodden, the lost, the confused, the intelligentsia, the proud, the culturally unacceptable, even the rich. God has room in His Inn. And let God solve their problems....Listen to them. Ask Questions. Give um time to answer. Tell why you have Hope. You don’t have to be erudite. Just be honest! If you don’t know, then say you don’t know. But, Let’s talk Him Up! RIGHT NOW! People need Hope.......
.We are just ambassadors to Heaven not it’s Gatekeepers.

“...His Word is in my heart like a fire, a fire shut up in my bones. I am weary of holding it in; indeed, I cannot” (Jeremiah 20:9). 

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