Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Around The Corner

A funnel cloud touched down on the navajo reservation in the small town of Many Farms, AZ. This happen about 5:30pm mtn time.
Fall is just ‘Around The Corner.’ Well, I always plan ahead, always. If August, which has been unseasonably Cool(in the 80's) and(Wet), does not feel like Summer, well then September is probably going to get the ‘Heat Index Rising, with horrid 3 Digit Numbers. After all this is the Desert. Since I’ve been back, part of July and part of August, have been turned upside down, COOL INSTEAD OF HOT, HOT, HOT!!!ON AUG 3RD THERE WAS ACTUALLY A TORNADO, THAT WAS SPOTTED ACROSS THE ROAD 191. They are very, very rare!!! More photo's coming!

So why not let September, get changed by you 'Around The Corner,' which should be pretending to get cool AND FALLISH, around here normally, but could get hot, hot, hot instead, WITH SUMMER'S HEAT FALLING DOWN AROUND THIS HERE TOWN!!! September could be, devastatingly drought like. That's cause the rest of the Country, will send the heat to the Desert, when they tire of it.

Well, I usually put up Capri’s and get out Winter stuff in September, for October, which is usually Cool enough to start the ole clothes Switcheroo. Yes, September’s Fall Piece, is falling into the Puzzle. And then Labor Day, Calendar Day, Turkey Day, Christmas Day, and then, New Year's Day, again.  Wow, I am really getting excited about all these Day’s, we have to look forward to, and all I had to do was take September, for a drive around this here Town, along with Sing my Fall Song!!! I wrote a Song, called GOLDEN LEAVES.  It includes March Winds a Blowing, Fall Leaves a Falling and Winter’s Snow a Snowing and Summer’s heat a Falling. THIS IS THE RIGHT TIME TO SHARE THIS WITH YOU!!! NOW REMEMBER THIS IS A SONG, SOUNDS BETTER WITH THE GUITAR AND ME SINGING IT, well Ok, anybody singing it. BUT AS I SAID BEFORE, THIS IS THE RIGHT TIMING FOR THE WORDS TO BE SHARED WITH YOU!!! MAYBE YOU’LL UNDERSTAND THE WEATHER CHANNEL BETTER AND LOVE  MORE ALSO!!!


Golden Leaves are falling down around this town
Golden Leaves falling down bringing pain to my heart
There are  things that happen that I don’t understand
There are things that I  know

Winter snows are falling down around this town
Winter snows falling round bringing pain to my heart
There are  things that happen that I don’t understand
There are things that I know

March winds are blowing around this town
March winds blowing round bringing pain to my heart
There are  things that happen I just don’t understand
There are things that happen that  I do

Summer’s heat is falling round around this town
Summer’s heat’s falling round bringing pain to my heart
There are some things that happen I just don’t understand
There are some things that happen that I do

I know I know I love you
I know I know I do
I don’t understand why I love you
I don’t understand why I do

No I don’t understand why I do

Here are a few pics of those Tornadoes. I actually  go to see one of the MF one's  as it passed over the air  going toward the Dog Kennels, where my friend Peggy was working, she saw it too and got inside the Brick Building. It was all kinds of wierd swirls, as I watched from my Porch, which were getting down and dirty, more and more swirliest and circular, by the moment. Thankful it, bypassed us all in the air.

But I am Stymied this year!! What to predict?

Which doesn’t usually happen too often to me. Usually my Pseudo Predictions are just that, Pseudo and just as tricky as a Casino. Care to wager? Weather wins every time, just like the House.

But I kinda really do, like being prepared, so I will pretend, I know what the Weather is going to do, and make sure, if I’m wrong, that I do not take down the Air Conditioner. You can usually wear, jeans and a long sleeve shirt when the Air turns Brisk, inside or quickly change to Capri's if it's hot out.

I am sure where ever you have planted yourself, you are facing similar circumstances. Trying to outguess what Mother Nature has planned for you there in the Mid-West, or plain ole, North, South, East and West. The last time I talked to someone in the Mid South, they say it is, ‘really, really Too Hot, To Play Outside, kind of Day!’ Guess they are Praying, for some of our Cool Rain, which is socked in, for the rest of the Week here. Thunderstorms everyday MSNBC, INTERNET SAYS!!!I love MSNBC!!! Their Weather is right on the Mark, right up their with the House.

But they are probably wondering, if their Weather is extreme, for where they live. Well, I know our Weather is ‘extreme,’ for the Desert. Cool usually is not a temperature, that ole Mercury hits around here, excepting for Night Time. And that is super great. For if one can just survive the Day, the Night cools, wonderfully. NOT so in some places. The Heat just stays as an uninvited guest. IN THIS CASE, THE WEATHER CHANNEL IS NOT YOUR FRIEND, IF THEY PREDICT THE, SAME OLE, SAME OLE, ALL THE TIME, YOU'D THINK THEY'D DO A JIG, WHEN THEY GIVE IT TO YOU or at least call you up and say, "sorry."

But whatever your Weather, turn on some Music and Dance. It is good for the Soul and downright excellent for your exercising body. Get a cool glass of-Tea, Coffee, Chicken Broth, Diet Coke, Diet Snapple, Gatorade, Sangria, Beer, Margarita, Strawberry Daquari,  Pina Colada or Martini with Olives, of course, after the dance. Put your Feet up, and make a Call to someone you LOVE!  AND TELL UM SO!!! DON'T WAIT, DO IT BEFORE YOU GO 'AROUND THE CORNER!!!'


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