Monday, February 28, 2011


    Tunisia, Egypt, Bahrain, Iran, Libya. Morocco, Algeria, Lebanon, Yeman, DjiBouti, Qatar, UAE, Oman, Jordan, Syria, Iraq, Mauritania, Somalia, Saudi Arabia, Greece, India, China US, this list just keeps on getting bigger and bigger, Countries where change is being brought to the forefront. Each one trying and succeeding to do their part. And yet, in some places,  change does not occur immediately! But no one who has tried to bring about change and failed to do so, should ever think the World did not notice. It did. And someday, change will come. Slowly, methodically and harmoniously, but it will come. And it will come easily. Be patient. Will the Power of the People prevail. Well, if I were a betting man, I’d say, “yes.”

And I am guilty of drawing lots of lots. Like Jonah the lot usually falls on me. To which I reply, well, ‘what in the world does that mean?’ I think it means, I’m the reason for such and such actions to befall us. Once on our way here to Many Farms, Az, we drew lots as to who was responsible for us having to move here from Oklahoma, in the first place. I didn’t want to move, but my husband got a job here. Anyway, the lot fell on me. So I ended up being the reason. Shocked me! I surely thought I was the innocent in all of it. Maybe so. I really do try hard to get it right, but I guess trying ain’t where it’s at. My reasons for actions I take seem pretty justified to me, but maybe not to God. That’s where I pray. Mostly for others, for I’m not really sure what to pray for me, other than, for forgiveness. But your welcome to pray for me, whatever you choose, however you choose, and whenever you choose. I'm game!

    But back to the oppressed peoples escaping their oppressors and finally and at last giving their leaders their just dues, because their leaders have made it oppressive on the people. When one has the majority on their side, just about anything can be accomplished. Hopefully lets hope it all turns out to be for their betterment. Most of them would certainly say so. As I’ve heard them state, ANY THING IS BETTER THAN WHAT THEY HAVE BEEN EXPOSED TO, SO DOWN WITH THEIR LEADERS.

    But what I am finding from the two(Tunisia-Egypt) that have succeeded is, they just are not sure where to go from here. It’s a ‘new beginning,’ a ‘starting over’ from ‘scratch.’ Should they go with someone they know, a very popular guy everybody likes, or one of their old ministers or an old prime minister, should they go the democratic route, and vote um in, which takes order and some sort of skeleton prototype to even accomplish that. And then the old question, how much power to allay to the Military which is supposedly keeping order in a chaotic situation. Wow, it almost makes you yearn for the good ole days. Note I said almost.

But they have faith to believe they can accomplish the impossible so I say, let um do it, let um go for it, and let us help them, as much as we can, with teachings, examples and money, since we tout the democratic process with our mouths, let us not be guilty of speaking out of the side of our mouth. Let us speak loudly and clearly, that we are opposed to oppressive regimes of any kind and we will be glad and happy to help when help is needed. But we will and cannot overdraw our accounts and become troublesome in their process of rebuilding their Country. Makes our leaning toward the right thing, slightly tougher on us to accomplish but it can be done and must be done. We have touted the right thing to do, now let us do the right thing and ‘help out’ as much as possible and still keep our economy strong and stable, for it would help no one, if we were to come apart at the seams as well. We don’t want to become Dr No Good, and heal only our patients. We need to be apart of the health process as well. We need to heal also! We may not be the World's Police but yes, I think we're the World's Dr.

    Well, lets go for it! Aah yes, with so many Countries jumping on the bad leader bandwagon, or having  general discontent, for some reason, what’s a man to do? This makes it slightly more difficult, to say the least. How can we help so many?  Well, unless the Country abounds in oil, my point of view is, we don’t. Unless it’s Saudi, of course. Well, come on, I'm not silly, lot's of oil! But that's another time another view!

Libya abounds in oil, this affects our Country, so we should have a piece of the action to parlay into our economical health. Good ole greed, comes alive so we want to be on the side of the winner. Course considering, the Mental State of the Leader who won’t let go, we know who’s side we are on. Not on the Mad Dog of the Mental East’s side. We have an aversion to a man who has already acted like a terrorist, talked like a terrorist, and is a terrorist to his very own people. He keeps the flock by fearsome techniques’. Most people do not respect the man, they fear him. But now for once in their lifetime, they have seen how it was done by Tunisia and Egypt so they are emboldened with a new gold avenue of answers, the PEOPLE HAVE SPOKEN. They want what these people have, the FREEDOM TO CHOOSE THEIR LEADER.

And considering the upheavals, in Tunisia & Egypt it makes me wonder how America could be caught with diplomatic Americans in Libya, or any Americans, for that matter. Did they not consider they should get out before the fracas, then we could have been more persuasive in our dealings from the git go and not have to be concerned about them. We surely have been slow reacting, at the start line, but maybe we can make up the speed, in convincing them we mean business. It is not us against them leaders, but them against us.For they know what we stand for. We do not stand for the shallow talk of a dictator, who cannot stand behind his word. We will prevail. Good always prevails over evil.

    So yes, we need to back them up. Especially since we are not actually backing Gadhafi. We have been saying lately, HE MUST LEAVE. Well, I saw on TV, the Secretary of State has been, saying it, anyway. Like that is going to make him hurry his departure. No way! He does fear us! Now our 3 ships heading toward him, makes him tremble. But I figure he will leave when he decides. After all, he's got a 'group' backing him, even if it's a bought one.
Most mad men, think their brains are trustworthy enough to call the shots. His mind is missing a synapse or two, from what I can tell. When he finally realizes the futility of it all, I would not want to be around at that moment in time, for then he is indeed a danger, to himself and others, for he has nothing to lose. He has already lost the admiration of a people whom he thought was loyal to him. When he wakes up and realizes no one is really loyal to him, including his relatives and the few bought employees he has surrounding him, then HE WILL BE DANGEROUS. His forces are still lying to themselves. They will awaken to the Truth as well. These people are telling him exactly what he wants to hear, THIS TOO SHALL PASS. The only thing is this TRUTH IS SELF EVIDENT, THIS INDEED TOO SHALL PASS, yes, it will, but it will not lead to everything going back to the normal state of being as he hopes for. IT WILL BRING CHANGE, AND THIS CHANGE INCLUDES HIM ABDICATING THE THRONE OF HIS LEADERSHIP OF LIBYA, or it being taken out of his grasping hand. But he is so ingrained with the idea that he and Libya are one, that he is indeed going to be full of TROUBLE TO HIS PEOPLE. How or what this entails, is anyone’s guess, but he will not ever willingly give up what he believes is his, so he will more than likely try to take as many of the Protesters with him. His army is foolish. It is not a good idea to be close to a man, who's cog is slipping, no matter whose people you are. I think I would try to keep my distance. May his Protesters do the same. Let his Army of Libya grow up. They need to run the other direction also. A mad man don't need anybody around to be a mad man! A mad man has no loyalty! A mad man has no sense he is full of nonsense! A mad man is full of himself and self is who he thinks of.

    Now for why we need to jump in at their time of need. Because, it will help to have us there for moral support. Because we have a high stake in the oil reserves that are sold to us. We need Libya’s oil, that is understated. They have oil. We need to keep the bid for it at the forefront of the Protesters minds. They need to know we have a stake in the outcome of the upheaval in their Country.But I am certain they already know this.
This said, we really need to stress that the people are our top priority over oil, any day of the week. We desire for the people to prevail against a man, who has willingly covered some of the Protesters in blood even to the point of finality of some of their lives. This ought not be, but it is proof of the extreme extent that the man is willing to go to, to get what he wants in spite of public opinion being against him loud and clear to a watching world.
Yes, I think it is just a matter of time, till he falls, but does there come a time, when he is pushed? I think so. He can probably hole up for some time while he wear’s his Protesters down. This is not a good idea. He is not to be given the upper hand, calling all the shots, for this will just feed his ego, which is big enough as is. He needs to be squeezed ever so gently into relinquishing his Throne. Does his people do this to him? I think so. They are going to have to deal with a man, that knows no sensibility. Anything goes. He is going to have to be convinced he has won, then he will depart his fraidy hole. Then you can deal with the enemy you can see. For if one cannot see him, one cannot defeat him.

My lot I drew, concerning this, says, he will have to be removed. By whom, how, when, who knows! But he has already said, he is not giving up Libya. Knowing this, it is easier to develop a POA.
    Now, as for the rest of the Countries, in my beginning paragraph, I think we will see a multitude of problems arise from every area since they are so diverse a population, and we cannot expect any of them to become a prototype, for us. We will have to assess the situation in each circumstance and hope for the best possible outcome. The best possible scenario, is that, all of them do not break out at the same time.  Having them come one at a time, gives us all time to assimilate the dangers each peoples will have to face, concerning their leader who will not go easily, or those leaders who have the foresight, not to go at all, but let none of them ignore the will of the people. That locale is fraught with danger. Or just having problems on board that will not go away, these Countries need to be attempting to solve them in a manner that is pleasing to all constituents. Change in Leadership is not always, the answer, but it is always going to happen to the disgruntled majority.With some change comes only through Civil War, since some Countries are full of different Minorities. Change in these cases is not always pleasant nor does it guarantee the results are better for all involved. We cannot assume that all cases of Change bring about a more loving relationship with America, but for that we can hope, our enemies do not arrive at the forefront of any new movement. But with things happening so fast, dealing with all of these Countries is like trying to play 'pick um up sticks,' without moving another one. It becomes rather difficult at best. But our best we do, at all times, even in game playing.
But for most of these Countries, Change is not a game, it has a life force all it's own, and it is hard to take it seriously when it is happening everywhere in Africa and the Middle East. IT' BY FAR EASIER TO TAKE A FEW CHANGES SERIOUSLY, THAN ALL. THAT BOGGLES THE MIND. But nonetheless, IT IS HAPPENING, and progress can not be stopped. So I guess, I'll get out of the 'game mode.' THIS IS SERIOUS BUSINESS.

Only can each Country's leader decide what is best for their people. If people is what you want to please, not yourself. Sometimes it is best to allow the will of the people to prevail. Sometimes, it may be that the leaders get wise enough to begin working with the people and giving them what they have needed for some long time, an input into the daily workings of their leaders and governments, simply put a Voice. No peoples should be relegated to second hand servants of an outdated Monarchy, but should feel Freedom's Tentacles, Flow like a  River of Lava, Lighting the Landscape, for all to behold. Hopefully we can give moral support no matter who or what is happening, if we think they have a legal leg to stand on. We are not supporting insurrection for the sake of insurrection. That is not wise. You may end up with some real Dorks trying to lead, making it worse than before. Choose your battles!

We are not supporting, jumping in and lending our support to every Country and people’s who look like they can use it. These are autocratic Countries and they deserve the right to have the people solve the problems as best as they know how. We are not the World’s Policeman. We don’t always have answers to our own problems, but we have the best minds working on them at any given moment. We do have suggestions that we have learned as we have come along in our democratic process. And it is wise to heed some of them if you want and need success in your government. We been there, done that. But we do have a few things we are for.

     We do have THINGS WE SUPPORT! We do support RIGHT! We do support RIGHT TO LIFE! We do support CIVIL RIGHTS! We do support LOVE FOR ONE’S COUNTRY! We do support the PEOPLE’S VOICE WHO SPEAK WITH ONE ACCORD!

We do support Israel!
We do support LOVE OF GOD! 

ps.With leaders we do like, there is still change on the horizon coming in their Countries. This happening affects us in the entire region of the Middle East. Whose side do we chose then, the people's or the leaders? That could be difficult ie Oman. 
Most importantly of all, being that we are in the Middle East, all people's know we side with Israel no matter what the conflict is or where the conflict is or when the conflict is.......This could have an affect from Countries that do not like Israel. If we try to help pro or con, we can open a can of worms for those peoples we care deeply for. Even in helping Libya, we could have retaliations coming in from horizons that have nothing whatsoever to do with that particular region. But it very well could come from places we are not expecting strife to come from in that area. But nonetheless

Too bad so sad, we believe God, The Lord is my helper; I will not be afraid. - Hebrews 13:6
We will help the people affected in Libya, from a Chaotic Leader, with the overview of helping Israel at the same time.  We do not abandon our Old Friends just because we've picked up a few new ones along the way!
“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, . . . “ plans to give you hope and a future.” - Jeremiah 29:11

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