Thursday, March 10, 2011


        Put a bounty on the planes!
    To get the forces of Kadhafy, to stop bombing the rebels, key towns and oil fields, one must consider giving a bounty  for each  plane delivered by the pilots........

    1. For every plane they fly into neutral cities, they are to receive 1 million dollars plus they can stay in the city they fly into protected by every means possible under an amnesty given by said Country.
    3. This defection of pilots, will be their own people. They will not need other Militaries to come in and maybe not be wanted even though they are tying to keep the blood bath down. Kadhafy don’t care what price he pays in his people being hurt, maimed and killed. Alls he’s interested in is keeping his Dictatorship, at all costs. That’s a sign of a madman.
    4. The USA, all cities, NATO and all Countries that have a reason for the downfall of Kadhafy, can put up the bounty as well. Thereby ensuring money is there to pay them with.
    5. Put out this info on the TV, internet, phone, paper and word of mouth. This will ensure Kadhafy will not let his planes fly, for fear of his pilots going AWOL and partaking of the bounty that people are trying to help them out with.
    6. Other Arab Countries cannot object to this in fact they can help with the money it takes to implement this Movement on the part of the Rebels and also it will be stated that the Rebels are Ok with this particular POA.
    7. Most of Kadhafy’s Airmen and Army,  are not loyal to him, they get paid for their jobs, and they do it out of fear of retribution if they don’t. But if we make sure, they are paid well for the price of the plane, we will not need a ‘NO FLY ZONE,” FOR NOTHING WILL BE FLYING. They will defect IF ALLOWED TO FLY.
    8. This will guarantee the Rebels of a fair fight, and with this kind of action taking place they will gain impetus to fight longer, faster and better with renewed vigor. And eventually win the un-winnable.
    9. This will also protect the Oil of the People, for if Kadhfy goes down, he will take down the Oil with him. THEREBY KEEPING THE PEOPLE POOR. For with no oil, they will have no money to buy needed items.
    10. We cannot stand by and do nothing, no more. It is time TO ACT.
    11. This will work.
    12. It means we will lose no men to a War, Kadhfy says we are responsible for intervening in, thereby making him a liar. We just need to remind him, of the fact that we have some of our best minds, working on a solution to an ugly situation.
    13. And we will come out smelling like a rose, and putting an end to the strife of Civil War.


    Raymond Don Levins-Computer Teacher & Network Technologist, MFHS via Nina

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