Saturday, March 19, 2011

Waiting Zone

    Sometimes, we all try to make a difference, whether it be in our writings, in our work, aligning ourselves up with some cause, or anything else, that puts forth some effort to make a change. The important thing is that we have attempted to be, a part of the solution, a part of the answer, in 'THE TRYING ZONE' Even if we go unheeded, or unnoticed 'we tried'. That, my friends, is the best we can hope for, at times, and then there is the big one 'the waiting zone.’ A zone we have all stepped into whether we like it or not. It happens to the best of us, no one escapes,THE WAITING ZONE.’  It is given to develop character.

     Even the events that are happening in Japan, have produced a stoic, 'WAIT AND SEE' attitude. Japan will prevail, this we all pray and hope for, but 'wait they will.' Working to maintain some kind of normalcy while they 'wait' for things to return to the stability they knew before. It remains a necessary part of life, 'THIS WORD CALLED WAIT.' It has it's ups and downs, trying to be a Patient Person. Patience is not a Virtue many of us possess. At least not Job like Patience.He didn't like his loss, but at least he didn't blame God for it. God replaced everything he lost, maybe not like he woulda liked, but the way a 'SOVEREIGN GOD ACTS!' AFTER ALL HE DOES NOT TAKE ORDERS FROM US, WE TAKE ORDERS FROM HIM. But he'll certainly talk to you about what you feel and won't condemn you for feeling it.

It is not something, anyone likes to do, for sure, for we are an 'Instant Society,' but 'WAIT WE MUST,' for PROGRESS IS SLOW. It will be difficult at best, to feel like one is making a difference when one goes to clean up their pea patch with so much disarray surrounding them. But that is what it takes. TO START IS 95% OF IT. The other 5% is JUST DOING IT. It is by far easier to look at it and say, 5% is easy enough to do. THIS MESS AIN'T THAT BAD. WE CAN DO IT!!!
With an Earthquake, Tsunami  and Radiation

    Well, today the news coverage is certainly varied. A Natural Disaster and a Massacre of Innocent Civilians, are at the forefront of it all. They say the French are going to be the first to go in to maintain a ‘no fly zone’ in Libya. That is good. 'THE WAIT IS OVER.' Something is working, and yes, it is about time, someone, somewhere decided to act. At long last, the answer comes. Why the delay? Who knows. To allow Kadhafy and his government forces to dig in deeper I guess, not to mention those poor men who died because of the delay. BUT THE IMPORTANT WORDS ARE, 'THE FRENCH STARTED IT.' THAT IS 95% OF THE, 'ODYSSEY.' THE ANSWER HAS ARRIVED. Now for the other 5%. THE  ODE, itself.

     No one is going to mention THE BELATED TIMES, now that the ACTION has begun. The unspoken ones, the un-speaking, who died trying their best, to keep the hounds of hell at bay, finally succumbed in a hard earned fight to possess freedom. They did not live to tell their story. And they say time does not  matter. We were a day late and a dollar short of settling their differences, their desire to see a new leader come to power, and allowing them to see the light of day. They are part of the legacy of the people who gave their lives, 'waiting on the answer.' They did not get to see the answer but they got to be a part of the answer, this due in part to the area of the ZONE THEY FOUND THEMSELVES IN, 'the waiting zone.' And hopefully none falls during THE ODE, but that is not being realistic. May I learn to accept the inevitable price, and may my prayers extend to all, and may peace prevail, where there was no peace.

    The National Community did not want bad things to happen anymore to the these innocent people, who simply stated desired freedom for the populace.

      So the day came. Like any other day, but 'no more waiting.' That is so important for everyone to understand. 'NO MORE WAITING.' 95% reared it's head. It was time to act and act we did, in a Group. Each Country with their own agenda for wanting this to stop, Americans, Canadians, French, Great Britain's, Spain, Italy, Belgium, Denmark, Norway, Turkey, NATO even Arabs, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Jordan, Saudi Arabia etc.

    Now we must feel better. No more trying to attempt to differentiate why, how  or who. We cannot handle every Country and it's rebellion, in this manner, each has to be considered on it's own Merit and decided accordingly. But we do see why, they all want freedom to choose. Each Country must decide for itself what it is that is needed to continue down the path toward personal freedom, and act accordingly in their attempt to make a change. We hope to give when we can, but we are not the World's Policemen attempting to tell others what to do.

But yes, we hope to bring 'healing as the World's Dr.' when we can, cause we understand. But each Country is an entity by itself. Not to be confused with another Country Libya, that is grabbing what perks they can in a land that has subdued them like a desert that refuses to allow rain drops to sit atop it's leaves. This much we know, the Rebels of Libya want to win. I don't care what they did before they became a Rebel, they have unified themselves to ouster Kadhafy. That I care about. Give them the means!

OUR MILITARY IS GRAND BECAUSE IT IS UNIFIED. Yes, We want them to win or we would not have touched their ground with one missile which cost us millions let alone many. We decided. We can't change our minds just because things don't exactly go as planned. Let me re-iterate. WE DECIDED! So did the International Community, to attempt to stop a massacre that took one 12 year old boys hand plus fingers on the other hand, AND MANY LIVES. We cannot stand by and allow this type of action to continue. We must help. The USA is part of this. The Group, The National Community has spoken. This is why it is feasible. WE CAME TO HELP WITH AS MANY PARTNERS AS WE COULD GENERATE.

TO START IS 95% OF IT. The other 5% is JUST DOING IT(That 5% don't include changing your mind about your goal.) It is by far easier to look at it and say, I CAN DO 5%. 5% is easy enough to do. THIS MESS AIN'T THAT BAD. WE CAN DO IT!!!

I say 'give the Rebels help.' Lots of it.
I don't understand half-heartedness.

It is about time we had some good news. Someone, someplace is attempting to make this so. 
whether we want it or not, sometimes the solution is thrust upon us, the best happens,

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