Tuesday, April 26, 2011

President Bashar Assad’s Crackdown!

    Troops backed by tanks, snipers & knife-wielding security forces, portend a place in History in the middle east. This man is bound and determined to keep his post. He has gotten tougher as the 5 weeks of turmoil come to fruition in Syria. He want’s to keep what he’s got. The protestors, wish for him to end the uprising in a peaceable manner as they go to one after another funerals through their streets, of those that have been taken down. They felt like they had a glimmer of hope, but alas, now they face an ever tougher 'demander of quells' to the rebellion in their President.

    This is not good. NATO has spoken against such action also. I have noted our own Country has instigated Sanctions against Syria for their bloody quelling of men who are not allowed a different view of opinion. At the very least, we are doing something, at long last. I only hope it's enough to help turn the tide.

 Getting tougher does not seem to be the answer. That only makes the remaining ones fight harder to obtain what they want. And no matter what you do to quell them, they will come out of the woodwork!

    How can a man make himself into such a hideous creature that no one outside of his own Country thinks highly of him anymore. I am sure this type of Civil War, raging inside Syria is not good for Syria’s standing in the World Scene.  I wonder who is giving him advise? They are surely half-heartedly doing this, for if they truly believe what they are suggesting to him, what a pitiful bunch of people, he has surrounded himself with. They have to know they are making him into a monster, no one likes. I for one thought he was Ok when this all started, he seemed sensible from what I was reading, plus he had a beautiful wife, but now I do not. He has had 5 weeks to show his true colors and show them he has done it. As one witness says, ‘it’s war to annihilate pro-democracy movement.’
    Now really, how does Assad think most Countries would not be furious at him and his actions to put down a revolt, he does not agree with. How inhuman of him to activate this type of murderous belief. How can he justify such action and live with himself and sleep well at night.
These are his very own people and he seems to care naught for one of them, only for himself to maintain his present stature. Why couldn’t he have just incorporated these people into his present regime, with favorable laws that would benefit all and try to solve some of the problems that beset them all. He has taken a detestable situation and made it shameful.
    Assad appears to favor Iran which is not a good idea. For we know they are on the losing side against Israel. He certainly will not come out smelling like a Rose. It will be formidable task to find friends to back him and play along side his 'melee of disaster.' I guess he has not thought this out to it’s finished product. Nothing will be gained by this action of his. Nada! In fact, he will be unable to visit decent folk when he desires to venture out into the World. His family surely will not be welcomed either. Why would a man put his family into that kind of situation?
    I only hope he comes to his senses and decides that perhaps he is wrong. There is naught wrong with being ‘WRONG.’ There is everything wrong with perpetuating evil upon your very own people, and other innocent civilians and by standers.
    There is everything ‘RIGHT,’ with ‘repentance.’ Change your mind, turn around and go the other way. Why fight till the bitter end? You’ll just end up a ‘bitter old man.’ And even your family will not like the kind of man, you have become. I bet if you asked them, they would tell you the truth. Family has a way about telling the Truth that the ‘hired help’ will not do. They will just agree with you, because ‘you butter their bread.’ Family knows you. Family loves you. Family is the closest thing to God you will find. For God says, ‘he puts the Solitary in Families.’
 Listen to them and what they are saying and ‘you might hear God!’ He’ll tell you what to do.

Love Nina
Later, more later


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