Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Warning! Iran President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

Everybody seems to be chasing their tail, round and round they go, nowhere to stop and regroup.
It’s as if, we have become afraid of a ‘mad’ man. If  Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is not making any sense, he indeed, is considered by all, to be a man ‘mad,’ at the world. Why would we, be placing any value, on any words that he spoke. How can one honestly believe a ‘mad’ man, is going to be placing ‘truth’ on anything. He can’t, for he don’t understand ‘the truth.’ It is a foreign concept to him. A bully is indeed a man, 'mad at the world.'
If he told us he was being co-operative, and complying with everything our Sanctions asked for, could we ‘truly believe him?’

Now here we are concerned, that this tiny County is fixing to have Nuclear Weapons, and aim them at Israel and ‘punch the button.’
Well that is a valid concern on everybody's part. Even if he says, he ain’t going into nukes, who’s to ‘trust’ what he has to say,’ if he gets his weapons to working properly that is. But he has a few years to get to that kind of feasible avenue of ‘show off.’ And supposedly, they are for generating energy for his Country.

Well, he really needs to stay inside the confines of his own 4 walls, and generate some sensible energy within his Country, and quit running over here telling us, what he is going to do, and not going to do. Why should we have to be subjected to listening to him or looking at him, for that matter. That is just giving the nutcase, what he wants(attention). I really hate being manipulated by a ‘mad man,’ and I'm just a peon.

So we have invoked Sanctions on Iran. Well that is like pouring grease on a fire. All that is going to happen is, one, we will end up getting a bigger flame. Sanctions will not stop some isolated man, who wants attention, from getting it. He’ll invent new ways we ain’t thought of yet. His desire for attention is that deep. This is, I repeat, just his way of getting attention. I truly believe that 'attention,' is surely more important to him, than any damage he can do. He is a true egoist.

Has anyone considered telling the man, what will happen to his Country and people, if he so much as ‘GRAZES THE ISRAELI GRASS.'’ To even hint to us, and them, at sending a Nuclear Weapon their way, should be enough to make him understand, we in the USA, protect our friend Israel, to the nth degree. That would mean insurmountable damage, done to his tiny County also.


He surely would ‘not fare thee well, AND HIS PIDDLY REIGN, WOULD BE OVER WITH, FOR SURE. NO MORE ATTENTION. He would not win against us. That is that. I personally believe somebody ought to ‘WARN’ him what is coming his way, if he stupidly follows the vapor trail of his rockets, heading to Israel, WHICH HE HAS THREATENED TO DO, hopefully, this Administration, plus the Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, plus the Secretary of Defense, Leon Panetta  plus the President, Barack Hussein Obama, will make a believer out of him, that's a worthy occupation for a woman or a man.

Someone needs to tell him to straighten his 'ACT UP,' SO AS TO 'PROTECT  HIS COUNTRY.' Then the International Communities, will send him all the help he wants, might even 'listen' to him . Why enforce Sanctions,  Promises are pretty effective. One's Negative, One's Positive, and we  really should have a Positive Foreign Policy if at all possible.

But even if we as a Country, desire, non-nuclear Countries,(as any SANE PERSON WILL), remember, that stick still comes into play, in the game he is playing.

 At the very least, we should take the ‘air out of his sail,' BY TELLING HIM, ‘WE’RE NOT UPHOLDING HIM(Ahmadinejad) AND IRAN, WE’RE UP HOLDING NETANYAHU AND ISRAEL.’
    Why are we letting a bully call the shots? Bully's should not be in 'control..'
    What I do not understand is why are we ‘groveling with a mad man?’

Love Nina
Later more later

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