Tuesday, March 23, 2010

This is my first blog... I am technically incompetent

This is my first blog. So this is going to be rather strange to you and to me. I love to write, so I should not have any trouble filling a page or two, on this blog. The themes about which, I write may be unusual at first until I get a handle on just how this works. I love working on web pages, and have many pages I have done on geocities. But the trouble with that is, I can give you a strange address for my pages Reocities, as Yahoo has done a takeover and gave me a new address, so they say, geocities no longer exists as a viable option. I surely do not know how or why I would try to save my pages, which is how I found this Blog, by seeking another outlet for my Web Pages, and trying to keep them going, as a cultural option, since I have worked on them for years, and enjoyed every minute of it. I have uploaded my songs on it, written on it, and just plain ole given advise that has not been sought after by anyone, but I do it anyway. That after all if what a 'writer' does.
No I have not sold anything, but I have written 3 books, that are 'WOW' to me, BUT I CAN NOT SAY THAT IS THE CASE IN THOSE TO WHOM I HAVE LOANED THE BOOK. THEY USUALLY JUST SAY, 'INCITEFUL'. I AM NOT SURE IF THAT MEANS MY BOOKS ARE 'INSIGHTFUL' OR THAT THEY TEND TO INCITE PEOPLE TO ACTION. BUT WHY READ A BOOK, THAT DOES NOT DO BOTH. People ought to be affected by what they read. In other words, my writing should have an effect on you in some manner, so to speak, even if it is, such a simple thing as a 'BRAND NEW BLOG' EFFECT! But everybody's got to 'start somewhere.'

I heard somewhere, do not know where, 'that every book, has at least one good thing about it.' It is really quite simple, I say, read my book and find that 'one good thing.' Yes, I do have it in a Word file. I have also signed up for a small business page by Yahoo. So if I can figure out how to use the thing, I will let you know and you can go there and buy my books. Yes, I have others. I am now in the process of writing 7 new ones, I will cover them at a later date. Like I said, after I get Yahoo, to working right, which I might add, I did address that tiny problem. So if you find any of my Blogs worthy of your consideration, feel free to browse for my books when I get it out of the 'UNDERCONSTRUCTION PHASE! I am better than 1/2 price book store, for sure. THEY SAY, WHAT? WHO DOES? I don't know who, BUT THEY SAY, A WRITER IS NOT A WRITER, UNTIL THEY CAN WRITE MORE THAN ONE BOOK. I AGREE! KEEP ON WRITING I SAY, SOMEONE, SOMEWHERE IS BOUND TO READ YOU!!!
If you think you can do better, I say, DO IT.

My husband came home with pictures and a new jacket today. Now that is BLOG WORTHY!!!
See when I started this thing, I had nothing to share. Now, it just so happens that I do. THREE CHEERS FOR THE YEARBOOK STAFF!!!
As an addendum, I would like to share with you, my husband Don's(COMPUTER TEACHER FOR MF)YEARBOOK CLASS, 2010 OF MANY FARMS, HIGH SCHOOL. They just received their new jackets, so I am going to upload the picture of them, onto this BLOG. Don is the one in the front row, in the yellow shirt(the handsome dude-course they are all beautiful and handsome, but I like him an exceptional amount so he comes first.)

Course, it is March 23, 2010 and they are just getting them in, hopefully there will be some more cold weather coming along to warrant their getting to wear them to school when it is 'brrrr cold.'
Love Nina

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