Sunday, April 18, 2010


I sit here, and look out my window, and the trees have budded, all the Elms, and all the Oaks. More than budded, they have downright, tiny leaves, all over the Trees. The fruit trees have flowered. I have a White Flowered, Apricot Tree, a Pink Flowered, Peach Tree, a White Flowered, Apple Tree and  Two White Flowered, Cherry Trees. The Positive thing, I love the Spring Time. It is a time, to renew all dead things, the Winter has dealt a thunderous blow, too. For a while it looked like Winter had won, and not one Tree, would survive the Cold, nor the 60mph Winds that blew up, Dust, all over the place. One would think, there could be nothing, or no one, that could live, upon the Silent Cold, that ate it’s way over the Landscape, and deposited Snow Flakes, that would not even emulate one another.

    But Positively, Spring came into being. One day, I looked up and the Green Leaves flourished, over the Trees, that had been dead to any Color but the darkest part of the Bark. I could not believe my eyes. I wondered when I had missed the 'Coming Out Party.' But there it was, Positively Green, everywhere, bright Verdant Colors, that lay upon the Myriad of Trees, over the neighborhood.

    It was a Beautiful Resurrection. I was just sorry, that I missed it’s inception. But I have been so tied up, with duties that know no end, that I just missed that ole Winter, when it left. But it had left, and was I ever so glad. It seemed like, this Winter knew no end. We had Snow all the time, and for the High Desert this was unusual. A Wet Winter, was not part, of the usual decor of Winter, around here. It was usually a few Snowfalls and rather Dry. But not this year. It seemed like 
Water was everywhere, if not in the form of 'Cold, Frozen Precipitation,' there was always the 'Wet, Cold, Dampness of Water,' that fell from the Sky, onto the Dry, Dusty, Parched Desert Plants, that abound around this Part of the Country.

    Now what difference does it make anyway. This change in Seasons? Well, I am reminded of a time in my life when Spring meant Cleaning, and buying new white items and switching clothes around so the Summer things were brought out and the Winter Wool items were boxed away for another year, one which, I can not even fathom happening. When I put the old items away, I never think about getting Winter items out again. Spring is too new for me to do that. I check out all the Warm Weather clothes and think, will it ever be 80 degrees again. But alas, I sense a new expectancy, that soon I will be reveling and carousing around in all my Shorts, Capri’s and Sandals, for the Weather will soon be getting ‘HOT,' 'once again.’ And I love hanging up and folding up all the Summer wear, soon to be worn. As I said before, Spring usually means cleaning, but not here. Too many Dust storms, and we leave for the Summer, and the Dust creeps into all the nooks and crannies, and it would be a waste of time to clean in the Spring. Now, I do all my Spring Cleaning in August & September, in the Fall. By then the winds have settled down, and so has the dust. Then when I clean, I know it will stay clean longer, but the Dry Dusty Desert, gives a clue to it’s cause and effect. You just got to figure out who did what in what room with what weapon!

One, does not ever, get rid of  Dust around here. It settles, like fine, grain sand, upon everything. One time, when I came back from being gone for the Summer, I opened up my bed and there between the sheets was dust and grainy sand. Now in order to get there it had to seep through 5 quilts and a bedspread. That ought to tell you something.  It is so fine that it indeed does seep through that many quilts to deposit it’s gift between the sheets. One has only to wash everything on the bed, in order to make it cleaner than it was before. One never achieves, 'cleanness in toto,' for that animal does not exist, but one can get rid of obvious dust, with a dust buster and a wet rag. That is my experience with Dust. Last year we had 9 Negative Dust Storms, by the middle of April. This year has been repentant and allowed us 4 at the most, so far, by the end of April. But I expect this year to follow last year exclusively, enough so, that I am still anticipating, at least a few more of those, Okie Dust Bowl Days, here in Arizona. But that is to mention the Negative part of Spring and March Winds. 

No, I do not expect I will give too much, more time, to the Negative. I will concentrate on the Positive Side of Spring. AND BOY, IT DOES HAVE, IT'S POSITIVE SIDES. Walking for one. If and when one can make sure the Winds are not booming, one can have a rather nice experience walking around, the two Schools we have around here. Approximately 2 miles a day, if one can bear to last for that long. But I am  just about guaranteed, if I go the full distance, that I can lose a solid 1 lb. Now that is good news, since I am on a Lifestyle Change and trying to lose weight, 11 more lbs to be exact. I have lost 9 lbs and am 11 lbs away from my 20 lb weight loss goal. I am working toward a new Bathing Suit, a Lobster Dinner and a Bottle of Sangria, if I hit my Goal. So I am going to have to attempt, to do the walking exercises, at least 3 days a week. This is a great Positive outcome from Spring, my desire to look and feel better by the time of my Birthday, May 30th. I am quite excited about all, that I can accomplish. It gives me confidence, to attempt so much more in life, than just personal Bodily Goals.

    Now Spring is Beautiful, I might add. So Beautiful, that it takes one’s breath away, just to look at all the, birthing of symptoms, on a daily basis. I am forever amazed, at all the Beautiful People, that Spring brings out, to troll the walkways in. They have a Spring in their Step, and a Smile on their Faces, and even the most Dour Individuals, appear to have forgotten, they don’t like life, and begin to put a 'Mask of Pure Delight,' upon their heads, so as to give others a shock value, go figure. I love what Spring, does to other people. Not just me. But everybody, begins to act a little dorky, even strange maybe. Everybody, I know, acts like, they have accomplished, some great feat, by defeating another Winter, so they wear Spring like a brand new Easter Bonnet, or a Dapper Hat, and want to tell you, all their Myriad of Stories, of Winter’s Gloom, until they realize, they just escaped it, by the Skin of their Teeth, and here they are, in all their Glory, wearing each day, like brand new Easter Clothes.

    Oh yes, folks, I love Spring. It makes me Positively Horney! That is the best thing I love about Spring.

Love Nina
Later more later

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