Friday, April 9, 2010


There is, therefore, now no condemnation to them which are in Christ Jesus.-- Rom_8:1.
 Boy, oh boy, oh boy, do people like to tell you off. They like to preach to you about sin, lack of good deeds, pride, your past that comes and slides in as a home run, your present where you just can’t seem to be Christian enough to get it right, and your future that becomes magnanimously huge, where you look like a person trying to make it as a born again believer, but instead you resound with notes that resemble, someone who does not even make a good non-believer or a  rather lousy failure

Must be something that I am doing, have done, or could do, that is keeping me from feeling completely and totally good about the fact, that I am, who I am, and what I  should be, for God.

    Ever feel this way? Well, I do all the time. It’s as if I am climbing a very high Mountain and can’t get past the base line. The worst people of all, to generate these kinds of feelings for me, are none other than all the fellow Christians that I know. They seem to have it together, all happy like and harmonious, and I seem to be falling apart. They seem to be able to find the ‘light’, and all I find is the darkness of a situation where there is no light that would dare fall upon, such a creature as I behold, at times. How can I ever ‘feel good’ about serving, A Risen Savior, when I no where resemble the kind of person that is spoken of in the bible, who is ‘doing as God bids.’

    Now, I have spent so much of my life in doing the mundane things of life, that at times AS I GROW OLDER, I turn around and look around and think, ‘Gee, I ain’t done a cotton picking thing as far as accomplishing things goes.’ Just cook, clean, sew, parenting, etc. you get the picture. Now some might think these are ‘well accomplishments’ but how many headstones in the grave yards say, he mowed the grass, ‘without complaining,’ or she cleaned and did dishes, ‘without complaining.’  I ain’t never read that.

    Yet, to do mundane tasks, ‘as unto the Lord,’ is indeed a Godly Accomplishment! Even if we are not Missionaries, or Great Preachers or  Doctors, or something rather exotic or etc, we can still just be ‘NORMAL NOBODIES and KNOW IN OUR HEARTS, WE ARE NOT CONDEMNED.’

    And this is what I want. I want to be seeped in this verse until it comes out of, all my pours, the scripture that guarantee’s us knowing that we can be accepted, are accepted, and will be accepted, by the Lord of Lords, and God. This is, in no way putting down anyone who is accomplishing things, they are wonderful, but they know it.  There is a POWER IN ACCOMPLISHING THINGS, BUT THEY STILL NEED, (NO CONDEMNATION TOO.)

     We don’t have to be compared to nobody else. Hallelujah, I need that. Not even the most religious person out there, that seems to know all the bible verses better than we do, or acts in a manner, that sometimes makes us think we should be acting, ‘so much more religious,’ and then more people would just adore us so much more, and even ask us to teach, Sunday School, because they would be oh so impressed with our Credentials and Christianity. Quite frankly, I am tired of thinking, that because I was not ‘IMPORTANT’, I have fallen short of God’s DESIRE FOR MY LIFE.

But as I read this, that is not what The Lord is saying. There ain’t no devil big enough, to keep me away from Jesus, there ain’t a past dark enough to keep the light of God’s Love from Illuminating it, there ain’t a future event that is strong enough to take me away from having CONFIDENCE, IN GOD’S WORD, WHICH SAY’S, THERE IS THEREFORE, NOW NO CONDEMNATION. Feeling, Looking, Being, Acting, nothing keeps me from ‘KNOWING, I AM NOT CONDEMNED.’ AND THAT IS MARVELOUS!!! I AM RIGHT UP THERE WITH THE BEST OF THEM.......I REALLY NEED THIS.

Now it don’t change nothing, but my attitude about myself.
It eats away at my ‘self loathing,’ and ‘buoys’ me up like ICE IN WATER

Love Nina 
later more later

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